Welcome to MVS Laser Cutting

The services we offer include : Laser cutting of ferrous and non ferrous metals up to 20mm in thickness. Using the latest Trumpf technology in laser cutting we offer a professional high speed service.


With over 30 years experience we have the skills to complete most Fabrication tasks.

We offer a welding service and a metal / manufactured product bending service.

Our Trumatic Machine is capable of many different tasks including :

  • High precision cutting
  • Machining of corners: Loops, radii or corner cooling
  • Oxide and burr free cut edges on stainless steels and aluminium alloys
  • Thick sheet metal processing to perfection

Our machine is capable of cutting the smallest diameter hole of 0.8mm all the way up to a sheet size of 2500mm x 1250mm


Tell us your basic requirements and we will get right back to you!

Using our CAD Software we are able to fabricate a wide variety of parts for all types of industry.

We design and build all types of equipment for all Industries 

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Hinges, handles and decorative inserts manufactured by us at MVS…

Laser cut animals, welded , fabricated and powder coated by our self

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